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, Investment Opportunity

We also offer Real Estate Investment Consultation Services for those looking to purchase an investment property.   We will inspect the investment property and offer a detailed cash flow analysis showing projected property income & expenses with projected:  ROI, Cap Rate & Net Monthly Cash flow based on sales price, property condition and financing options.


An investment property has three main parts:  Income, Expenses and Financing.   You can’t change one part without affecting the entire Investment.  You need to understand these parts that make up your investment.  Once you know your parts, you can use them to calculate and analyze the financial benefits.  If any of these parts change, the investment value of the property changes.  They work together to produce the financial benefits of owning a rental property.

Four financial benefits of investing in real estate or 4 ways to get PAID:

P – Principal Reduction

A – Asset Appreciation

I – Income from Rentals

D – Depreciation

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