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Property Management

We work to develop and customize your Property Management needs to help you achieve your Real Estate Investment goals.

Rick & Marc Bush, owners of R&M Property Management Solutions, a Division of Bush Real Estate, have over 25 years of Property Management & Real Estate Investment experience as well as 25 years of Residential Construction experience and 14 years of Corporate experience in Residential Asset Management and Corporate Relocation respectively.

Our Full-Service Property Management Services include multi-family & single-family homes, condos, apartment buildings & associations.  We also provide real estate investment consulting services, real estate procurement and contract negotiation services and constantly seek to identify viable investment opportunities for our clients.

In addition to Residential Real Estate Investment and Property Management Services, R&M Solutions provides furnished, high-end, corporate rentals for professionals and locum-tenens clients as well as for individuals & visitors looking for temporary housing in the West Hartford, CT area.      Our furnished rentals can be found by clicking HERE.

We specialize in property management and working with real estate investors & property owners who need help in managing their asset(s).  We also assist investors who are looking to diversify their investment portfolios by helping them to locate, inspect, analyze from a cash flow perspective, determine ROI & Cap Rate. We negotiate offers & repairs to ensure buyers are getting a good value for their income producing properties. Some of our philosophies are listed below:     

We believe that “The financial health of an investment property is directly related to the financial health of it’s tenants.”  Our tenant screening process includes several checks to limit our clients’ exposure to bad tenants. 

                                          Our management process is 100% transparent. We offer up to date, real time, 24 hour access to all information for all of our landlords. Our data is stored remotely and instantly backed up to create redundancy and security against loss of data.  We have a large staff of vendors who provide timely, courteous and quality service at affordable prices.  If necessary, we will visit each property ourselves before sending vendors in order to assess the situation & to avoid unnecessary charges. 

We don’t want to be an expense for our clients, we want to be an asset.   We are dependable, trustworthy & cost-effective property managers.